Arf! 1.0e-23 (That's 0.00...001) bits

Seems like a lot of people want to test this, so, well, here's what I've got so far. It's pretty rough at this point, documentation is sparse, and there's some missing functionality, but this is an improvement on the version I Camtasia demo'd. The most notable API change is th...

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Arf! Alpha bits - Soon, very soon.

Wow, there's a lot of people interested in Arf! I'm going to try to get some alpha bits into the public SVN repo this evening. I want to do a bit of refactoring, some better commenting, and some API documentation before I put this thing in the wild. I am a little concerned about this project branching, so I'd like to ask those who get the bits and make changes to submit your changes back to m...

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Arf! Video Demo - Write CF faster. A lot faster.

I had a spare hour this morning (my dog's doesn't understand the shift back to standard time yet), so I recorded a Camtasia demo of Arf! in action. This shows the ArfBlog demo I blogged about yesterday in action, and a great unblogged "Step 11" that shows where Arf! can really be cool. The video (about 10 minutes) is available at Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

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