Model-Glue 1.1 Preview

Model-Glue 1.1 is nearing a test release. There only new "feature" is ColdSpring integreation; the framework is about as robust as it can be while still obeying the KISS principle. There are a few things coming, however, that can help you with Model-Glue apps: A really, really nice application "starter kit". I've kept one around at work for a little while now, and I'm r...

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Model-Glue Goes Java!!

Chris Scott has be pseudo-quietly working on a Java port of the Model-Glue framework for the past month or so, and he's got an early source release ready to go! For the moment, it's only available via Subversion (not an official release) from the same repository as the Model-Glue BER. SVN url = svn:// Ok, enough typing, I gotta go check this ...

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