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Talk about a post I didn't think I'd wind up writing when I started Model-Glue! With the advent of commercial endeavors using Model-Glue as part of their advertising, this became necessary. Please be aware that the terms listed below only apply to using the logo and content, not the framework itself! The framework is and will be under the Apache Software License 2.0.


You're free to use any of the Model-Glue site content or graphics in noncommercial, educational, open-source, or personal contexts. If you're using it for commercial purposes (basically, if having the logo or other content as part of something that's making you or your company making money), you'll need to attribute its copyright as described below.

Use of the Model-Glue Logo and Web Assets

The content of is not licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. It and the Model-Glue web site are two separate works. The Model-Glue web site, its content (except blog entries contributed by other authors), and all of its assets (" content") are the intellectual property of Joe Rinehart of Firemoss, LLC. Reproduction or derivative use of the Model-Glue web site, its content, or its assets are subject to the following terms.

Noncommercial, Open-Source, and Personal Use

Use of content in non-commercial works (including but not limited to educational, open-source, and personal projects) is free and unlimited. An attribution (e.g., "Model-Glue is Copyright [year], Joe Rinehart, Firemoss, LLC") linking back to and is appreciated, but not required.

Commercial Use

Use of content in commercial works (including but not limited to software products, web sites, documents, and promotional materials) must conform to the following terms:

Logo Modification in Commerical Works

You may not modify the logo except to alter its size. The logo, in its original size, is shown below on a black background:

Use in Linkable Works

In any format that allows hypertext (Web) links ("Linkable Works"), the source of content must be attributed, with links, as follows:

<a href="">Model-Glue</a> is Copyright [year], <a href="">Joe Rinehart, Firemoss, LLC</a>.

For example:

Model-Glue is Copyright 2007, Joe Rinehart, Firemoss, LLC.

This attribution must appear on each Web page (or other linkable document) using content, and must be presented in a legible manner.

When graphical content is used, the images themselves should link to

Use in Offline Work content may be used in commercial documents.

Attribution of source must be given, but does not need to be given on each page of the document.

Bibliographic attribution in a standard format (e.g., MLA) is acceptable.

The same format as used in Web context is also acceptable. This allows works such as common word processing documents and rich e-mails, which are commonly a Linkable Work, to be printed (becoming an Offline Work) with attribution remaining intact.

Terms Subject to Change

Joe Rinehart reserves the right to change these terms at his sole discretion without any obligation to notify users of content.

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