Diagram: Relating Model-Glue (ColdFusion) to Cairngorm

I was talking with a ColdFusion developer earlier today who uses Model-Glue extensively and is diving into the Cairngorm framework for Flex and we were discussing the various layers (there are plenty) in a Cairngorm application/

This got me thinking that it might be handle to have a reference that compares the various layers in a typical Model-Glue application to a Cairngorm setup. I've knocked together a diagram doing just that, and it's available as either a PDF or an image (below, save it for full-size).

ColdFusion Disclaimer: It assumes you're using Model-Glue and ColdSpring, but it'd be easier enough to translate it to Mach-ii and other IoC frameworks.

Cairngorm Disclaimer: I glossed over things like responders to show big picture.

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