Model-Glue is hiring! Seriously!

I'm proud of Model-Glue. Two years ago, it was a learning project for implementing MVC and II in ColdFusion. Now, it's both enabling ColdFusion developers and gaining in popularity on both Fusebox and Mach-II. After some serious thought on my bike today, I've decided it's time to open up the Model-Glue project and invite others to help out even take part ownership of the project.

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Why am I doing this?

Model-Glue's matured enough where its direction is set, and its API is fairly well-baked. I don't think bringing in other people is going to have any bad effects on the framework: in fact, I think it's going to improve both its code and its support.

Where you come in.

I'll be looking for a set of people to help with a set of roles in the Model-Glue project. They're listed in the People Model-Glue Needs section.

What's in it for you?

I don't think I'd be where I am today if it weren't for Model-Glue. To be blunt: personal gain. Helping with Model-Glue could be a good thing to have on your resume. That aside, you'll also be able to shape the future of a tool you use, contribute to the ColdFusion community, and enjoy all the warm fuzziness of being an open-source contributor.

Also, my outline for the new Model-Glue site includes a dedicated Model-Glue blog, to which all team members may contribute content.

How to "apply"

Leave a comment stating what you'd like to do. On the comment form, put the e-mail address where I should contact you in the Email Address form.

What would the responsibilities be?

Not too much. I run Model-Glue in my spare time, of which there's increasingly little. I don't expect anything more from anyone who helps. No official meeting schedule of the team or anything like that. If something breaks and it's under your umbrella, I'd just expect you to handle it when you can. If you can't, say so, and someone else can take care of it when they can.

People Model-Glue Needs

This would be my "dream team" for helping out with Model-Glue. If two people can cover all of it, that'd be fine with me.

Also, if your company uses Model-Glue and would like to donate any of your time/their resources (such as hosting, I'd be happy to add some "corporate sponsors," displaying logos, etc., as appropriate.

  1. Model-Glue Core Developer

    I'd like to have someone besides myself able to work inside the Model-Glue core. This is the part dealing with loading the framework, reading ModelGlue.xml, and executing the request flow. There's usually not much activity here - I don't think I've committed any changes in a few months.

    Requirements: Good with CFCs.

    Cool things: You'll be added to the list of copyright owners for Model-Glue upon your first commit.

  2. Model-Glue "Webmaster"

    Sorry, I couldn't think of a better term. This person would be responsible for running the Model-Glue web site, which is something I've done a shamefully poor job with. My goal here would be a site that has an "about" page and a BlogCFC implementation for news, etc. The listserv is being offloaded to Google Groups, and Trac will provide trouble tickets / wiki.

    Requirements: OK with design (Dale, my wife, can help there). Willing to update site content.

    Cool things: You might design the new (first? 1.5ish?) Model-Glue logo.

  3. Model-Glue ORM Developer(s)

    The ReactorAdapter and TransferAdapter classes have kept me up many nights. Folks who know the frameworks and are willing to donate some time maintaining the adapters and the GDM/scaffolding bits will receive free beer from yours truly at the next convenient date.

    Requirements: Using the ORM you're helping out with, experience with Model-Glue:Unity alpha/beta code.

    Cool things: You'll be added to the list of copyright owners for Model-Glue upon your first commit, and you work on the sexy new stuff.

  4. Model-Glue SVN/Trac admin

    This one's already a lock. You know who you are, and thanks!

  5. Model-Glue Google Groups Manager

    Again, this one's already a lock. You know who you are. I haven't forgotten.

  6. Model-Glue Documentation Manager

    I said this was a "dream team," didn't I? I need someone willing to monitor changes to the framework and keep the documentation up to date. If you're willing to to additional sample applications and/or tutorials, fantastic!

    Requirements: Literate. There, you qualify, see!

    Cool things: If you're really serious, I'll give you my RoboHelp license ;)

  7. Your idea here

    Have another way you could help? Let me know in the comments!

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