Model-Glue: ColdFusion and Model-Glue: Flex released!

Model-Glue: ColdFusion

I'm happy to announce that I released Model-Glue 2.0 (specifically, Model-Glue 2.0.304!) earlier this morning.

Learn more about Model-Glue: ColdFusion

Model-Glue: Flex

Model-Glue: Flex is a conceptual port of Model-Glue implicit invocation framework to ActionScript 3 and Flex.

Learn more about Model-Glue: Flex

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Joe, the "Home" link on the site doesn't work when you are in a subdirectory.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 6/26/07 10:52 AM
Hey this is great!

Is this he latest 2.0 build that you have promised for CFUnited? :)
# Posted By O?uz Demirkap? | 6/26/07 5:06 PM
Joe, this looks great! One note, as I started walking through the quickstart, the referenced directories did not exist in the download: model, view, business with all to be in /examples/quickstart/base. I did not have a quickstart folder under the examples in what I downloaded.
# Posted By Phil Duba | 6/26/07 5:59 PM
The site looks great and I applaud your work, but.... MSG ?
# Posted By Carlos Balacuit | 6/26/07 6:36 PM
I am VERY excited about this.
but I to am missing the sample code. Opps!
Really Joe, thanks so much for being sooooo smart.
# Posted By John Allen | 6/27/07 11:55 AM
The version 2.0.304 seem not being tested in BlueDragon_J2EE_v7.0.0.339.

This a better idea to change ModelGlue.unity.debug.RequestLogRenderer method "Render" to "MGRender". The "Render" will cause a error in Bluedragon.

And other problem is that when using Reactor will cause a "_ModelGlue" undefined error :(

Will ModelGlue team going to test and support Bluedragon J2EE in later release?
# Posted By vience | 6/27/07 9:25 PM
vience - Can you add a bug to This helps up tracks and respond to bug reports.
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 6/28/07 7:31 AM
New to Flex but FYI

I downloaded the model glue flex, copied the application template to new directory, created eclipse project, added reference to the swc to flex-config - When I compiled it said it could not resolve event:Handler to a component.

I removed reference to ModelGlueFlex.swc and copied the com directory to my eclipse project -- compiled and ran OK
# Posted By Ed Johnson | 6/28/07 9:53 AM
The Model-Glue Flex sample download is missing the files referenced in the README. Says login files are in /quickstart/base is missing. The only thing in quickstart/ is "contactmanager" and "flextodolist".

# Posted By Jason | 6/29/07 4:48 PM
Thanks for the great contribution to the community - however everyone is looking for the "quickstart" folder referenced in the documentation - HELP PLEASE!
# Posted By Just Me | 7/2/07 12:53 AM
quickstart/base directories are missing, as referenced in the Quickstart README.
# Posted By Christopher Keeler | 7/12/07 4:59 PM
The Model-Glue Flex download does not include the /quickstart folder under "examples". Not a big deal...I can probably look at the ToDo list example, but it'd be nice to follow your quickstart guide ;)
# Posted By Erich Cervantez | 8/14/07 3:38 AM
I had another problem when compiling. I kept getting "Could not resolve <event:Handler> to a component implementation." error.

As someone else did on here, I removed the ModelGlueFlex.swc file from the Library Build Path and instead copied the "com" directory over from the distribution into my application and it finally compiled fine. FYI.
# Posted By Erich Cervantez | 8/14/07 9:49 PM
I've had the same problem trying to consume MG:Flex as a library. I've copied the code into my FlexBuilder project for now.

Please consider distributing a FlexBuilder-ready library in future!
# Posted By Brett Adam | 6/16/08 10:16 AM
Forums don't work?
# Posted By Brett Adam | 6/16/08 10:17 AM
Hey are you guys ever going to work on Model-Glue Flex again? It's a great piece of code, and I know a few companies that are using in in their products.
# Posted By Christopher Hayen | 8/27/08 8:25 PM
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