Dynamically adding <views/> to a Model-Glue Event

Mark Drew hit me up with an interesting question this morning: can you dynamically add views to a Model-Glue event, determining which views to include at runtime, what to name them, and what template they should use? Yes, you can, and you can do it without mixing configuration information into the controller tier.


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Joe, rather than manually using CreateObject to create the instance of ModelGlue.unity.eventhandler.View, is there a way to get it by calling ColdSpring (using a factory method defined in the ColdSpring XML)?
# Posted By Brian Kotek | 7/17/07 12:23 PM
wait whats going on here?? He is injecting Brian...
# Posted By sal | 8/1/07 11:33 PM
He updated the entry after I posted that comment.
# Posted By Brian Kotek | 8/2/07 1:44 AM
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