JIRA/Tomcat Expert Assistance Needed


The illustrious Marc Esher has helped us out getting the JIRA instance back up and running. A big thanks to Marc and the other nice folks that offered their expertise

If you have experience managing JIRA and/or Tomcat, we at the Model-Glue project could use your help. See, we have our bug tracker on JIRA and the instance somehow, as we say in the south, Done Got Broken. Naturally, we'd like to get it back up and running so we can keep building neat and useful features in Everyone's Favorite Framework.

So, if you think you can roll up your sleeves and make a difference, leave us a comment and we'll be in touch.

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I wouldn't say I'm an expert, but I do manage our Jira/Tomcat installation at work. Feel free to ping me with your issue and I'll do my best to help.
# Posted By Damon Gentry | 10/13/08 5:33 PM
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