Model-Glue 3 goes Public @ cf.Objective()

Three years ago, the Model-Glue framework brought easy but powerful MVC development to the ColdFusion community. With the release of Model-Glue 3 (code named "Gesture"), the framework's going back to its roots.

Model-Glue 3 is will make it easier than ever to employ architectural concepts like MVC and Implicit Invocation in your ColdFusion applications.

At cf.Objective() 2008, I'll be showing all of the new features in Model-Glue 3 for the first time as well as some of the revamped framework internals.

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any sneak peeks?
# Posted By Chris H | 4/1/08 8:40 AM
I hate April 1st. I never know if I should believe anything I read or not...
# Posted By Richard Davies | 4/1/08 4:02 PM
When will be become available to play with. I want a copy :-D
# Posted By Wally Kolcz | 4/8/08 2:42 PM
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