Help: anyone have a server for Model-Glue?

If you or your company would like to be associated with helping out the Model-Glue framework (not sponsorship, but a decent logo placement), I'm looking for someone willing to host Jira and Confluence for ongoing bug tracking and documentation authoring.

While I'm able to acquire free licenses of both because of Model-Glue's open source status, I'm not able to host them on the VPS. If anyone has a server that could support running Tomcat (or deploying these to an existing JEE server such as JBoss) and would like to be part of the Model-Glue "team," please comment or drop me a line at Both applications are super-easy to install and get running, can be made to play nice with an existing Apache web server, and work with just about any database.

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I have a dedicated server running IIS and CF 7.01 Enterprise and MS SQL 2000 if you can make it work with that, I most likely would be happy to give you some space.
# Posted By Robert Mills | 5/14/08 11:56 AM
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