Update on ModelGlue:3 Gesture

Version 3 of the Model-Glue framework is under development right now. Here is an update on where we stand...

Issue Tracker

Reporting bugs/enhancement requests for Model-Glue just got easier. We now have a fully licensed JIRA issue tracker. This will help us stay on top of bugs, features and such. A special thanks to the fine folks at Atlassian for making licenses available to the Model-Glue project at no charge.

Load Testing

I've been load testing a MG:3 application pretty heavily for the last couple of weeks. The framework holds up extremely well to load and shows no memory leakage or other misbehavior.

Fixed Bugs

The bug count has been reduced by 50%. Keep logging and reporting issues!

Want to try Model-Glue:3?

The framework still has an Alpha label for now and while we have a pretty active group of folks using the MG:3 alpha, others are still welcome. Download the latest framework code from http://svn.firemoss.com/modelglue/trunk/ModelGlue and tell us what you think.

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