Free Model-Glue 3 Training

How much would you pay for Model-Glue training? What about Up To Date, State of the Art, Awesome Model-Glue training?

a) $3,000?

b) $5,000?

c) $10,000?

d) $1,000,000

(If you checked 'd', please call Dan Wilson. Immediately!)

For a limited time and with limited availability, you can have a whole day worth of timely and important Model-Glue 3 training for free. Yes, that is right, an entire day of Model-Glue 3 training, personally delivered for zero cost to you.

Team Model-Glue is delivering training at BFusion 09 this year and you are invited to take part. Come one, come all, the first 500 people get a free copy of Model-Glue 3. The authors will be there to individually sign each copy.

While we are joking about the million dollars (Editors Note: no, we aren't), we are serious about the free training. Sign up for BFusion today!

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H-tizzle! WOOT! :-)

I'd love to see some training come to Houston.
# Posted By john C. Bland II | 10/15/09 12:01 AM
Nice offer. As for me, I’d love to visit it. I believe it will bring better results if you put main points so that people could get prepared and know the subject better.
# Posted By Rapidshare SE | 2/12/10 10:47 AM
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