Model-Glue Training In Your Town

We've been knocking around the idea of a roving Model Glue training center. We've already done this in Claremont, CA to members of the Inland Empire ColdFusion User Group and folks got a lot out of it. That particular course was done over a single day, to prove out the material and to be useful to the IECFUG.

For the next phase, the vision would be to travel to an area and run a practical, intense training in OO and Model-Glue 3 over a weekend.

We want to take a shot out there and see which parts of the country were interested in being first in having this training. So if you think 4 - 8 people would be interested in hanging out for a weekend and learning some good OO and Model Glue stuff, leave a comment on this post.

We'll take a week or so to get a plan together and then follow back up with more details.

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I would be. Maybe some other members of the NY ColdFusion Users Group would be too. You could hold it right in NYC.
# Posted By Aaron | 10/14/09 4:32 PM
I would be interested in anything along the I-15 corridor between Salt Lake and Las Vegas (I live right smack in the middle between those 2). But I prefer weekdays over weekends. Church on Sundays and kids have sports on saturdays so really I guess I can't do weekends.
# Posted By David Mineer | 10/14/09 4:49 PM
I would participate in MG training in the Boston area.
# Posted By Steven Erat | 10/14/09 5:45 PM
I'd be interested. I'm in the east bay area.
# Posted By Jen McVicker | 10/14/09 6:28 PM
DC :-)
# Posted By Mike Henke | 10/14/09 6:52 PM
What would the cost be?
# Posted By Sean Corfield | 10/14/09 7:00 PM
Any idea of cost? I'd like to train my team but I'd like more info first so I can go beg management for $.
# Posted By PRB | 10/14/09 7:30 PM
Houston. WOOT!!
# Posted By John C Bland II | 10/14/09 9:25 PM
@Sean, Others

There will certainly be some fee for the training. I've not worked out exactly what I can afford to do it for, but I want to keep it low frills.

After I get a reasonable idea of likely locations I'll work on organizing more proper numbers. Some cities are more expensive than others and perhaps in some cities, we can defer or avoid costs by using a company room on the weekend or something. Dunno. I just see a need and want to fulfill it if possible.

Commenters, what would you expect to pay for something like this? What you expect to be included for your price?

# Posted By Dan Wilson | 10/14/09 11:14 PM
How about our very own Triangle area??
# Posted By Byron Raines | 10/15/09 12:28 AM
I second the DC Metro Area.
# Posted By Al Everett | 10/15/09 7:20 AM
Second Boston area. Doesn't have to be in downtown, some place between Southern NH / Boston may be cheaper.
# Posted By Brian | 10/15/09 10:27 AM
How about training in Atlanta!
# Posted By Sam Singer | 10/15/09 4:38 PM
I second atlanta.
# Posted By Ruben | 10/16/09 11:43 AM
Boston or NYC!!! Please and hurry! Boss has money to burn before the end of the year.
# Posted By Jen | 11/4/09 3:13 PM
# Posted By Saurin Shah | 11/25/09 9:19 AM
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