MG 3.2 Feature Sneak Peak - CF9 ORM Scaffolding

If you've been working on ColdFusion 9 for any length of time, you know how much faster and featureful the release is.

CF9 introduces a new ORM, called Hibernate, that will help you make data centric operations in record time. Bob Silverberg and Dennis Clark have put together support for Model-Glue and the new CF9 Hibernate ORM. Now, you can use Generic Database Messages and Scaffolding with the shiny new CF9 software!

A version of this is in version control right now. We are doing some final testing over the next few weeks before we push this out in the upcoming version 3.2, and if you want to take it for a test drive, drop us a line (or a comment below) and let us know, we'll get you a sneak copy of the new release for a test drive.

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This will of course be backwards compatible for version of CF/Railo that don't have Hibernate support right?
# Posted By Gary Gilbert | 12/23/09 11:03 AM

There are adapters for other ORMs, like Reactor and Transfer that should work with Railo. As you point out, Railo does not yet have hibernate support so you can not use the Hibernate Adapter with Model Glue on Railo.

When Railo does have support for Hibernate, we'll be looking for community volunteers to make sure the adapter works well on both engines. Shall I put you down as an interested party?

# Posted By Dan Wilson | 12/23/09 11:05 AM
Sounds very cool. Would love to try it out.
# Posted By Sam Clement | 12/23/09 7:25 PM
Wow, looking very cool. I can't wait to leverage this into a ColdFusion Builder plug-in!

My hats off to Bob, Dennis and the rest of the MG team for not letting alternate engine support stifle innovation. It's great to see one of the top CF frameworks actively working to leverage what new in ColdFusion 9.
# Posted By Adam Lehman | 12/24/09 12:51 PM
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