New Online Model-Glue 3 Training Course

Happy Holidays from Model-Glue.

We've been hard at work building fun and exciting things for all of you. Our holiday gift to the Model-Glue community is a revamped Quickstart and a brand new online Hands On Model-Glue 3 Training course.

The training picks up after the Quickstart, so make sure you know all the material in the Quickstart before proceeding.

It is helpful to actually go through the exercises, preferably typing each line out yourself. This will build muscle memory and help you learn the Model-Glue framework quicker. You can't be a professional football player by just reading books about football, can you?

Let us know what you think about the training, we want feedback of all kinds.

Let us also know if you have an idea for a new training section, we'll see if we can get it together for you.

Should you wish to submit a new training section, we'll be happy to use it.

Should you wish for more in depth training, contact us via the contact form and we can work something out with your team.

The entire Model-Glue team wishes you much success and happiness in 2010!

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Hi, thanks for the post. And I watched a related video at
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