Dan Wilson takes over the Model-Glue Framework

Hi everybody,

For the past five years (or so), I've been in charge of the Model-Glue framework. I've hit a standstill in my ability to progress or even maintain the code or the community: my professional work focuses more and more on RIA and J2EE technologies outside of ColdFusion and CFML (although MG + CFML is still my preference for creating HTML sites!).

After working with him and discussing the idea since MAX 2008, I've come to the decision to hand over control of the project and title of "Model-Glue's Benevolent Dictator" to Dan Wilson, a fellow North Carolinian, MG user, and all around great guy. He's been patching and helping MG3 out for about 6 months, and he's accepted a role as the leader of the framework.

Doug Hughes, president of Alagad, Inc. will be working with Dan as a temporary co-leader to help get things ramped up.

Dan's immediate goals (set by him, because he's now in charge!) include:

  • Getting MG3 ready for release at cf.Objective() 2009
  • Moving the Model-Glue site, documentation, and subversion repositories to servers at Alagad

Details of the change:

  • "Team Model-Glue" members (including myself) are now considered an advisory board. We'll help in whatever capacity we're able to, and Dan doesn't answer to us in any way. It's his show, and I have good faith in his decisions.
  • Alagad, Inc. will be providing code and documentation support to get MG3 out the door. This is a huge gift from Alagad to the MG community, and we thank them greatly for it!
  • Model-Glue's licensure will remain the same (ASL 2), but the copyright will change. To ensure that the framework remains community (and not corporate) property, any contributor will be granted credit in the copyright. This will immediately make Model-Glue "Copyright 2009, Raymond Camden, Sean Corfield, Raymond Camden, Doug Hughes, Joe Rinehart, Jared Rypka-Hauer, Chris Scott, Dan Wilson." This is a purposeful move: having this many people with ownership makes it damn near impossible to sell the IP rights to the framework. Unless, that is, some company would like to make an very generous cash offer to each of the contributors ;).

That's all. I've enjoyed working on Model-Glue, but it's obvious I'm just not the guy for it any longer. My open source time will be spent more on the Flex / Java side: I've contributed into the Swiz framework, and I'm working on a Hibernate-fueled data services framework code-named "RedShift" that should simulate the data synchronization bits that are part of LiveCycle Data Services via anything that can subscribe to a JMS bus (like a Flex app!).

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Hey! I've contributed code too! ;)
# Posted By Doug Hughes | 3/26/09 9:08 AM
Whoops :) I alphabetized the list and you got left in clipboard limbo.
# Posted By Joe Rinehart | 3/26/09 9:11 AM
I get listed twice? Is that because I'm 2X the coolness?
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 3/26/09 9:15 AM
Congrats to Dan Wilson. I don't think you could have found anyone as capable and passionate as Dan. The MG community is in good hands and I look forward to the future.

Many thanks to Alagad as well. A framework is only as good as it's documentation. Their contributions are critical to the long term success of the project.
# Posted By Adam | 3/26/09 9:20 AM
Joe, thank you so much for bringing MG to where its at. Its a kick butt framework. I look forward to Dan's contributions.
# Posted By RyanTJ | 3/26/09 10:03 AM
Ray contributed twice! Where -does- he find the time? :)
# Posted By Charlie Griefer | 3/26/09 11:17 AM

Thanks a ton for your many CF community contributions and getting Model-Glue introduced and where it is today.

I'm just curious: will your time be on the extreme Flex/Java side of things, or will there still be some CFML integration? Namely, do you plan to continue the "Hiberailooving" series?

Also, looks like Ray got Doug's initial copyright slot, as he's in there twice :)

# Posted By Jamie Krug | 3/26/09 11:24 AM
Great news for the community! Thanks guys! :)
# Posted By O?uz Demirkap? | 3/26/09 11:57 AM
I knew Ray had a clone, here's proof.
# Posted By Fernando Lopez | 3/26/09 1:00 PM
Very cool! And congrats to Dan - a great choice.
# Posted By Peter Bell | 3/26/09 1:46 PM
Joe, thanks for all your hard work on this project!
Dan, I'm glad you're able to continue on where Joe left off. I'm relieved to know MG isn't dying.
# Posted By Richard Davies | 3/27/09 4:07 PM
Thanks for all help
# Posted By iphone clone | 1/29/10 8:47 PM
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