The State Of The Glue

The State Of The Glue

This post is part of our periodic status updates on progress and upcoming work on the Model-Glue project. The last week has been very productive and we appreciate all the offers of help and support. We will be circling back to each and every one of you with opportunities where you can contribute to the framework you know and love.


The current timeline is to have the public beta out by CF.Objective(). This means in the short span of 5 weeks we'll have a documented, backwards compatible framework ready for production (we think). We'll allow a bake-in period (We have an internal target of 1 month) with the drop-dead final release date of CFUnited.

Work Done Since Last Update

A number of folks have stepped up to the plate and helped out. We'd like to give a moment of thanks.

The fine folks at Alagad (Doug Hughes, Chris Peterson , Jeff Chastain in particular) are hard at work building us new infrastructure and helping to consolidate the myriad of Model-Glue web properties. Look for a new Trac instance soon.

Thanks go to Ezra Parker for being a trac expert and for also being clever enough to write scripts to convert our old MG:2 RoboHelp documentation into wiki based documentation.

Thanks also go to Bob Silverberg, Mark Mandel and Mark Drew for helping out with the scaffolding feature design and analysis.

Thanks also to Jim Priest for helping out with ANT and the Model Glue Application Template.

Thanks also to Ray Camden, Paul Marcotte for helping out with example applications.

Work Left To Do

MG:3 Documentation

I confess to not having used all the MG:3 features. SES Urls? I have no idea how that works and have never used any SES URLS on any site ever. Ideally, we'd get volunteers who HAVE worked with these features in a production scenario to write the initial documentation and provide a code sample. I'll post a list in a few days of the areas up for volunteering. When I do, if you like/use a particular feature, email me off list and I'll reserve it for you.


I've been working with a few folks on the initial scheme for Scaffolding and it is coming along. I'm going to have some time away from work in the next few weeks to work on this so expect something working by the 3rd or 4th week of April. Meanwhile, if you have an application that uses scaffolding and you wouldn't mind helping me test this feature, please leave a comment on this post and you'll get an early preview.

Example Applications

This one is moving right along. The King of the Sample application, Ray Camden has volunteered to put some example applications together. His ideas are good ones and will be an asset to the project. Paul Marcotte is helping to design another example application that will showcase features of MG:3 specifically. This last application will tie in somehow with the MG:3 documentation and those who chip in a feature will get their name in lights!

My Availability

I'm happy to say that my Brother, Dave Wilson, is taking me on a Kayak/Camping trip deep in the Florida Everglades for my Batchelor party. I'm very very excited to go on this trip because I love my brother and want to get in some relaxing time before the wedding. Also, I'm taking a little time off from my client work to get personally organized and to knock out the remaining MG:3 tasks. As such, I might not return your emails for a few days. It doesn't mean I hate you, but I've yet to see a Palm Tree with WiFi, KnowWhatIMeanVern?

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Congrats on the upcoming release. Have fun on the trip...that sounds like a lot of fun except for all the bugs :-D Congrats/condolences on the upcoming wedding :-D I am about to make that same mistake(again) myself. I wish upon you many many happy and prosperous years together!

You never know with the Dept of Interior/US Forest Service...they can get high tech on you where you least expect it ;-)
# Posted By Eric Roberts | 4/2/09 6:22 PM
Has there been a change as to the location of the SVN repository? Still at the same location or has it been moved as part of this transition?
# Posted By Lola LB | 4/3/09 7:13 AM
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