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We are hard at work on the next version of Model-Glue. In focus this week is documentation of the new features. We have put together an easy way for you to contribute to the framework by completing a simple workflow process with us. You'd be asked to volunteer a few hours to explore and work up some documentation/short code samples that we'll use to wrap up the new framework docs.

If you've got a few hours between now and the end of the month, like working with the Model-Glue framework and you are reasonably intelligent, you'll fit right in. Heck, you gotta learn this stuff at one point or another, right? The one and only Doug Hughes will host/run a meeting on Tuesday the 21st (4PM EST) to explain the process and the short commitment we need from you. If you are on board, we'll work with you to get you up and running so we can get this stuff complete and finalize the docs.

Here's the text from Doug on the meeting:

If you want to contribute to the documentation please be sure to attend our meeting at 4pm EST on Tuesday the 21st and volunteer. To join the meeting call The Alagad Conference Line: 218-486-2209, participant code: 2621114.
In this meeting I'll review our plan for the documentation process, the format of the documentation we're collecting at this point, and the schedule. We'll then solicit one volunteers to write documentation for each section and two others to review and revise the documentation for each section. There are actually only about nine features we need to document at this point and each is fairly concise.

So if you've wanted to be a part of the team, here's an easy way to make a difference. No open ended commitment here, all you have to do is learn a single feature and fill out a form on how to use it. Sounds like fun right?


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Any chance of some form of conference mechanism that's a bit more international?
eg. Collar a friendly ACE and get a Connect session set up or maybe Skype?
# Posted By Stephen Moretti | 4/20/09 8:53 AM
Count me in :)
# Posted By John Mason | 4/20/09 2:02 PM
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