The State Of The Glue Part 2

The State Of The Glue

This post is part of our periodic status updates on progress and upcoming work on the Model-Glue project. The last week has been very productive and we appreciate all the offers of help and support. We will be circling back to each and every one of you with opportunities where you can contribute to the framework you know and love.


The current timeline is to have the public beta out by CF.Objective(). This means in the short span of 2 weeks we'll have a documented, backwards compatible framework ready for production (we think). We'll allow a bake-in period (We have an internal target of 1 month) with the drop-dead final release date of CFUnited.

Work Done Since Last Update

We've made some really good progress in the last 3 weeks. A number of high-quality folks have stepped up to the plate and helped out.

Unit Tests

Marc Esher stepped up to help us get the unit tests consolidated on to the MX Unit framework. He helped reorganize the testing structure and answered my inane questions about unit testing. Joe Rinehart helped square away the tests for the EventContext, which were a little burly. The good news is, everything currently in SVN passes Unit Tests.

Patches/Bug Fixes

I've been fixing some bugs in the core code. Ezra Parker submitted 3 patches to fix 3 issues as well. A big thanks to him. Here at Model Glue, while we love bug reports because we want to maintain high code quality, we love patches even more!


We now have a complete environment set up to manage Model-Glue. Simeon Bateman, Ezra Parker and Chris Peterson have been a big help in taking charge and making sure the Trac instance is filled with the documentation, has all the right Trac Plugins and works well. is live and is the central bug repository, code repository and documentation repository.

The fine folks at Alagad are donating hosting and support for the Trac instances and we appreciate the time and resources they have put into the project.

ANT Script

Jim Priest has been reworking our deployment process and adding some fancy new ANT scripts into the mix. There will be a new ANT script for the ModelGlueApplicationTemplate, helping you jumpstart new projects in record time. Keep an eye open for that.

Video Tutorials

Bucky Schwarz is heading up the Video wing of Model Glue and has put together a really good process for Video Tutorials. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth 10,000 words. We expect these video tutorials to help train ModelGluians in the ways of the glue. Check out the first Model Glue Video Tutorial on creating a new application! More to come in the Video category!


David Henry and Doug Hughes have headed up the documentation project for ModelGlue:3. This is a big job with lots of coordination and it is moving right along. We appreciate all the excellent folks that offered to pitch in to document features and review documentation. Documentation was a must-have for the Beta and thanks to this effort, we are on track for the Beta release at CF.Objective(). Expect another post thanking each contributor once the work is done.

Also, Ezra Parker (Man this guy has been a big help!) worked hard to get all the documentation and code samples in Trac formatted properly. This was especially important because we have the ability to print documentation pages and we certainly can't have code getting chopped off by the printer.

Work Left To Do

MG:3 Documentation

This project is on track and on time.


I'm through the initial part of this. I'm back from my vacation now so I've gotta work on pleasing the clients. I'll hit this hard this weekend. We are on track and on time.

Example Applications

These are coming right along. We'll ship the beta with some, and add more as it makes sense.

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Nice to see everyone stepping up and pitching in to help!
# Posted By Jim Priest | 4/29/09 9:17 AM
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