Model Glue:Gesture - Beta Available

Beta Available Now

The Model-Glue team is pleased to release the initial public beta of Model-Glue 3: Gesture, a return to Model-Glue's roots of dead-simple MVC+II development. Download the Model-Glue 3: Gesture Beta and give it a spin.

There will be a Model-Glue Birds Of A Feather Session at CF.Objective() on Friday at 8PM (Skyway Suite AB on the 2nd floor of the Hyatt) to talk about the new Beta release, answer questions and get an idea of who wants to help contribute.


Model-Glue:Gesture documentation is located at and all new features are well documented.

Bug Tracker

There is probably a bug somewhere in the Beta code, so if you happen to find it, report it at (might need to register). Bug reports are Appreciated. Submitted Test Cases or Patches are Golden.

Fun New Features

Most Valuable Contributors

This beta release is on time and of high quality thanks to the contributions of various community members. In alphabetical order:

My appologies to those whom I left off... we still love you!

Next Steps

We are shaking-out the code for the next couple of weeks to make we've found all the bitrot. After a month or so, we'll wrap up a Release Candidate for 3.0 with the final release coming before CFUnited.

Coming Soon

  • More Video Tutorials
  • Releasing the Undocumented Custom Generation Patterns Feature
  • Example Applications
  • Web Tutorials

Wanna jump in the fun and join the Model-Glue team?

Send me an email and tell me how you'd like to help. We are always looking for smart people to help push MG to the next level

Don't know how you want to help? No problem. Just tell me how much time you want to contribute and we can get you something fun to do.

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thanks to the whole team, going to try this one out right away ;D
# Posted By Chris H | 5/13/09 3:52 AM
The requested URL /downloads/ was not found on this server.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 5/13/09 3:47 PM
appologies is spelled wrong.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 5/13/09 3:48 PM
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