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Thanks to all who came to the BOF at CF.Objective() on Friday night. That was a lot of fun and generated a lot of good ideas. Look for posts on the Model-Glue mailing list to start nailing the features. Get your voice heard!!!

Some nice folks have been writing on MG as of late. In no particular order...

Dan Skaggs

Dan has a nice write up on his first few weeks with Model-Glue:Gesture. He explains some of the high level concepts with promise of more posts to come in the future.

John Ramon

John is going to test drive a few frameworks starting with Model-Glue. He plans to get an app up and running in the next week. Pssst.... John, I've got some tutorials here: to help you get started.

If I've missed any recent news, drop us a line at and we'll post it here...

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