Capture the Essence of Model-Glue

After much requests by the Model-Glue fan base, we are pleased to announce a special product that captures the essence of Model-Glue.

That's right! For a limited time, limited quantities of Model Glue Cologne Spray are available to the public letting you wear the alluring scent of Model-Glue.

How did we pack ColdSpring Integration, Custom Scaffold Generation, Request Formats, Event Generation, all in an event-driven, inversion of control, dependency injected, implicit invocated XML driven container? You'll have to put in an order and see for yourself.

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haha you know, I think splashed in this and wearing nothing but a pair of Think Blue marketing underpants a man could quite possibly become irresistible to any woman.
# Posted By Robert Rawlins | 8/10/09 8:23 AM
Definitely a must-have for any attendee of CFUnited looking to attract the attentions of the 4.5 female attendees of the conference...
# Posted By Joe Rinehart | 8/10/09 9:34 AM
LOL! Way cool. I love the smell of glue. Hey that came out wrong. I love the smell of Model-Glue! Nothing like the smell of Model-Glue in the morning. Oh the memories of eating glue. What a great product, I've never smelled this elementary before.
# Posted By Ryan TJ | 8/10/09 10:17 AM
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