Model Glue:Gesture - Release Candidate Now Available

The release candidate for the much anticipated Model Glue:Gesture release is now available. The target date for this release will coincide with CFUnited.

What's going on at CFUnited?

There will be a Model-Glue:Gesture BoF session on Wednesday 8/12/2009 at 8:30 PM in the aptly named Matrix room where we'll announce the new framework and also go over some new opportunities for the MG community.

There will also be 2 Model-Glue presentations on Thursday morning 8/13/2009. One by me (Dan Wilson) at 8:30 and one by the Illustrious and Handsome Mark Drew at 9:45.

What if you find a bug?

While we do our best to ensure the highest quality, occasionally something slips past us. Simply Add a ticket and we'll sort it out straight away.


A number of folks were very helpful during this last and final push.

Ezra Parker worked on some pretty deep scaffolding/relationship issues in this release.

John Mason put in some good work with the AbstractRemotingService and also wrote the Unit Tests along with a new example application called Buster, showcasing how to use the RemotingService in ModelGlue:Gesture.

Ray Camden provided the impetus for some new functionality and also ported over LighthousePro to Model-Glue:Gesture as a new example application.

Chris Peterson and Ezra Parker worked out some issues with our infrastructure and Chris was especially helpful in helping out with other MG property issues.

The road to the release has been paved with the efforts of many. I'm proud to see the 3.0 release coming up in just a week!

Keep Sniffing The 'Glue


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