Model Glue:Gesture - Version 3.1 Available

Model-Glue: Gesture Version 3.1 was released today. The 3.1 release is largely a maintenance release and fixes several issues:
  • Fixed issue where event types did not respect multiple XML blocks for requestformat functionality.
  • Added in try - catches around the file operations so that sandboxed servers will work, preventing sandbox security exceptions. Thanks Chris Blackwell
  • Seriously fixed this time. (Bug with SesUrlManager.cfc due to Apache and IIS reporting cgi params differently)
  • Removed potential recursion in helper loader functionality and also removed useless cfdump when a helper is attempted to be included but doesn't have a cfc or cfm extension. Thanks Ezra Parker

As always, the very latest is in SVN and the Model-Glue Website has been updated.

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