State of the Glue Q1 2010

This post will serve to update the membership on the doings and transpiring of the Model-Glue team.

Staff Changes

Dan Skaggs and Dennis Clark have joined to Model-Glue development team. Both guys have already made contributions to the framework and will be an important part of our upcoming releases.

Trac and Bug Clean up

Ezra Parker and Dennis Clark have been working very hard to get the Trac site up to date and reconfigured for better release management. Dennis has brought some really timely and good ideas to the table which will help us stay organized.


We've worked pretty hard adding and filling out the Model-Glue Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question or an answer that belongs here, let us know by either starting the question, and adding the answer if you know it (preferred), or sending it to the mailing list (less preferred but still appreciated)


We've also worked pretty hard to get out a new training series to help with more advanced Model Glue topics. You can begin the self-led training series at your convenience

Instructor Led Training

In conjunction with CF.Objective(), the Model-Glue team is offering Rapid Development with Model-Glue 3 a full 2 days of hands on Model-Glue training. Classes are on April 20 - 21 in Minneapolis, MN. We'll accept the first 20 registrations, price: $800 for Early Rate, $900 Regular Rate. Register here or email the list if you have questions.

Upcoming 3.1.5 Maintenance Release

We've gotten a very good start on the 3.1.5 maintenance release. Here is a list of tickets that have been closed and are currently available in SVN:

Closed on 1/16/2010:

Closed on 1/15/2010:

Closed on 1/14/2010:

Below is a list of tickets we are probably going to close before the 3.1.5 release. If you want to express your interest in us closing a particular ticket, send us an email on the list.

If you know of a bug with Model-Glue 3.1 and want us to work on it, Submit a new ticket! Even if you've already reported it on the mailing list, please make sure there is a ticket in the system so we can prioritize it and schedule the fix.

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