3.1 Maintenance Release Beta Available!

3.1 Maintenance Release Beta

We've released the Maintenance release for 3.1. This release will be in beta for a short while (1-2 weeks) to give the community time to evaluate and comment. After an appropriate review time, we'll certify the build as the official and most current release.

This release is particularly noteworthy for the quality of the code and the amount of fixes addressed. Of special mention are Dennis Clark and Ezra Parker who collaborated on a very technical and important update to the way Model-Glue is initialized.

I'm pleased, as managing director of Model-Glue, to see a growing commitment to teamwork and creative problem solving. Model-Glue continues to evolve because of the many users who challenge the framework, and the many contributors who pitch in and make great things happen.

Change notes/Tickets

Here is a list of which issues/enhancements were addressed, in descending date order:

Closed on 1/31/2010:

Closed on 1/30/2010:

Closed on 1/26/2010:

Closed on 1/25/2010:

Closed on 1/24/2010:

Closed on 1/20/2010:

Closed on 1/16/2010:

Closed on 1/15/2010:

Closed on 1/14/2010:

Moved to 3.2:

Moved to experimental:

Please take this new Model-Glue release for a test drive and let us know how you find the new features.

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Great work guys!
# Posted By Bob Silverberg | 2/1/10 8:15 AM
This is an important milestone for MG as it shows that it has an active and dedicated core group of people focused on addressing usability issues/bugs in a timely manner. This can only help to grow the MG community as users of MG can now have the confidence that their investment in time in this framework will be rewarded.

Thanks to everyone involved for moving this project forward!
# Posted By spills | 2/1/10 11:39 AM
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