Model Glue 3.1 Release Candidate Available Now

3.1 Maintenance Release Candidate

The release candidate for 3.1 is available now. This RC will be floated out in the wild until mid-next week. This gives you a chance to drop this RC into your codebase for a test drive. Barring any important issues, this is the version that we'll certify as the official and most current release. This release is particularly noteworthy for the quality of the code and the amount of fixes addressed. If you've been following this release, you know we've closed a huge number of issues. We'll list each item below so you will know what you are getting for your money. A few previously deferred items have been incorporated into this release, like

Special thanks to Dennis Clark and Ezra Parker for finding the time to get these important updates into this release.

Closed on 2/23/2010

Closed on 2/21/2010

Closed on 2/14/2010

Closed on 2/7/2010

Closed on 1/31/2010:

Closed on 1/30/2010:

Closed on 1/26/2010:

Closed on 1/25/2010:

Closed on 1/24/2010:

Closed on 1/20/2010:

Closed on 1/16/2010:

Closed on 1/15/2010:

Closed on 1/14/2010:

Moved to 3.2:

Moved to experimental:

Please take this new Model-Glue release for a test drive and let us know how you find the new features.
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that's a lot of fixes, thanks for the hard work!
# Posted By Chris H | 2/26/10 5:20 PM
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