Model-Glue 3.2 Alpha Available Now!

The Model-Glue team has put together an alpha build of the highly anticipated 3.2 release. You can download the alpha build now!

This alpha build introduces a number of powerful features:

  • Integration with ColdFusion 9 ORM and Model-Glue generic database messages
  • Integration with ColdFusion 9 ORM with scaffolding
  • Improved scaffolding functionality through easier customization
  • Scaffolding integration with rich widgets like CFUniform tag library, jQuery datatables, jQuery UI
  • An Asset Manager component

Demonstration Available

For a demonstration of these features, watch Model Glue for Busy People. This recording will showcase all of the above features to build a live application.

How you can help

Download the code and plug it into your existing application. Let us know if you spot anything out of the ordinary. We'll form an Alpha tester group and work with that smaller group more closely so we can give personal attention and show some new bleeding edge features for feedback. If you are interested in joining this Alpha tester group, send us an email on the Model Glue mailing list. You must:

  1. Use the subject line "Put me on the MG 3.2 Alpha Please"
  2. Tell us what versions of Model Glue you use
  3. Tell us what database engines/versions you use for development
  4. Promise to give us 3-4 hours a week for the month of May to help us test and prove out these features

In return, you'll get a part in making the 3.2 release rock solid. You'll also get more personal time and instruction with the Model-Glue team in how to use these features.

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thanks will try this alpha and will anounce you with the results. thanks again!
# Posted By tibi | 1/7/11 3:50 PM
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