Model Glue 3.2 RC2 available Now

Model-Glue 3.2 RC 2 is now available. You can get the zip file for this release at

All Unit Tests pass for this release. After another week or so, we'll release the final version of Model-Glue 3.2. (Yay!) As you may have noticed, this release tag is on GitHub. One of the things we've worked on over the last new months is upgrading our infrastructure. This includes moving all source control over to GitHub. We also have the documentation ported over to GitHub as well. A Big Thanks to Dan Skaggs for handling our new GitHub based development process and for porting the documentation over to the new platform.

Dan Skaggs also ported over and configured a new release process based on GitHub. It works quite nicely and will help us make more timely releases.

Of course, at this point we'll use GitHub for issue tracking and documentation. Our SVN/Trac infrastructure will remain up for a limited time, then will be retired.

We've also moved hosts for and other associated web properties. While these changes are transparent to you, our beloved readers, it was time consuming, but due.

All of this work means we are better prepared to move the framework forward. We can now easily take public bug requests, patches, and documentation updates.

At some point after the release, we'll release an application demonstrating many of the new features of Model Glue 3.2. There is a lot of stuff in this release to help you develop better applications quicker.

If you want a refresher on 3.2, watch Model Glue 3.2 for Busy People.

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