Model-Glue Training In Your Town

We've been knocking around the idea of a roving Model Glue training center. We've already done this in Claremont, CA to members of the Inland Empire ColdFusion User Group and folks got a lot out of it. That particular course was done over a single day, to prove out the material and to be useful to the IECFUG.

For the next phase, the vision would be to travel to an area and run a practical, intense training in OO and Model-Glue 3 over a weekend.

We want to take a shot out there and see which parts of the country were interested in being first in having this training. So if you think 4 - 8 people would be interested in hanging out for a weekend and learning some good OO and Model Glue stuff, leave a comment on this post.

We'll take a week or so to get a plan together and then follow back up with more details.

Model Glue:Gesture - Final Release Available

Mid-Monday, we made available the final release for Model-Glue 3. This release has been tagged in SVN, for future reference. A new zip file is available at the Model Glue ColdFusion page and the latest code is in trunk, as always.

We'll have a Birds of a Feather session at CFUnited on 8/12/2009 at 8:30 PM in the aptly named Matrix room. We'll discuss new features, the upcoming road map and open the project to community members. If you aren't at CFUnited, you can still apply to be a community member by commenting on this blog post.

After CFUnited is over, we'll be doing a series of presentations on how to use MG 3 most effectively and will also work on a new set of jump start tutorials.

For now, we'll be at the conference, enjoying the feeling from getting MG out the door and in the hands of the waiting public.


Capture the Essence of Model-Glue

After much requests by the Model-Glue fan base, we are pleased to announce a special product that captures the essence of Model-Glue.

That's right! For a limited time, limited quantities of Model Glue Cologne Spray are available to the public letting you wear the alluring scent of Model-Glue.

How did we pack ColdSpring Integration, Custom Scaffold Generation, Request Formats, Event Generation, all in an event-driven, inversion of control, dependency injected, implicit invocated XML driven container? You'll have to put in an order and see for yourself.

Model Glue:Gesture - Release Candidate Now Available

The release candidate for the much anticipated Model Glue:Gesture release is now available. The target date for this release will coincide with CFUnited.

What's going on at CFUnited?

There will be a Model-Glue:Gesture BoF session on Wednesday 8/12/2009 at 8:30 PM in the aptly named Matrix room where we'll announce the new framework and also go over some new opportunities for the MG community.

There will also be 2 Model-Glue presentations on Thursday morning 8/13/2009. One by me (Dan Wilson) at 8:30 and one by the Illustrious and Handsome Mark Drew at 9:45.

What if you find a bug?

While we do our best to ensure the highest quality, occasionally something slips past us. Simply Add a ticket and we'll sort it out straight away.


A number of folks were very helpful during this last and final push.

Ezra Parker worked on some pretty deep scaffolding/relationship issues in this release.

John Mason put in some good work with the AbstractRemotingService and also wrote the Unit Tests along with a new example application called Buster, showcasing how to use the RemotingService in ModelGlue:Gesture.

Ray Camden provided the impetus for some new functionality and also ported over LighthousePro to Model-Glue:Gesture as a new example application.

Chris Peterson and Ezra Parker worked out some issues with our infrastructure and Chris was especially helpful in helping out with other MG property issues.

The road to the release has been paved with the efforts of many. I'm proud to see the 3.0 release coming up in just a week!

Keep Sniffing The 'Glue


Model-Glue Updated for CF9 Beta

To coincide with the big CF9 beta released today, Model-Glue:3 (code named gesture), and Model-Glue:2 (code named Unity) have been updated for CF9 compatibility. You can download the latest from the Model-Glue ColdFusion page.

All unit tests, passed, but if you happen to notice any strange issues please report them to the Model-Glue Bug Tracker.

Model Glue:Gesture - New Feature For Review - Default Event Types

Your Input Requested

After a deep discussion on the Model-Glue mailing list about Default Event Types we've come up with something that seems to work for everyone. Here is a special build with an implementation of Default Event Types for your review.


As you know, Model-Glue Event Types allow classification of functionality and assignment to Event-Handlers. Event Types increase reusability, code-clarity and increase line-potency of Model-Glue applications. You can read more on Model-Glue Event Types here.

Where You Come In

We want to have a community review on this feature. Please take it for a test drive. Here is how you use it:

<event-type name="MyDefaultEventType">
<result do="template.main" />

<event-type name="AnotherEventType">
<result do="template.different" />

<!-- declares the default event type -->
<event-handlers defaultType="MyDefaultEventType">
<!-- inherits the defaultType -->
<event-handler name="page.1">

<!-- overrides the defaultType and only gets AnotherEventType -->
<event-handler name="page.2" type="AnotherEventType">

<!-- removes the defaultType -->
<event-handler name="page.3" type="">

<!-- no default type declared -->
<!-- apply event type individually -->
<event-handler name="page.3" type="AnotherEventType">

A special thanks to Chris Blackwell for providing a patch to enable this feature. Another thanks to Doug Hughes for helping me get the XMLModuleLoader unit tests sorted out.

Model Glue:Gesture - In The News

Model-Glue Birds Of A Feather

Thanks to all who came to the BOF at CF.Objective() on Friday night. That was a lot of fun and generated a lot of good ideas. Look for posts on the Model-Glue mailing list to start nailing the features. Get your voice heard!!!

Some nice folks have been writing on MG as of late. In no particular order...

Dan Skaggs

Dan has a nice write up on his first few weeks with Model-Glue:Gesture. He explains some of the high level concepts with promise of more posts to come in the future.

John Ramon

John is going to test drive a few frameworks starting with Model-Glue. He plans to get an app up and running in the next week. Pssst.... John, I've got some tutorials here: to help you get started.

If I've missed any recent news, drop us a line at and we'll post it here...

Model Glue:Gesture - Beta Available

Beta Available Now

The Model-Glue team is pleased to release the initial public beta of Model-Glue 3: Gesture, a return to Model-Glue's roots of dead-simple MVC+II development. Download the Model-Glue 3: Gesture Beta and give it a spin.

There will be a Model-Glue Birds Of A Feather Session at CF.Objective() on Friday at 8PM (Skyway Suite AB on the 2nd floor of the Hyatt) to talk about the new Beta release, answer questions and get an idea of who wants to help contribute.


Model-Glue:Gesture documentation is located at and all new features are well documented.

Bug Tracker

There is probably a bug somewhere in the Beta code, so if you happen to find it, report it at (might need to register). Bug reports are Appreciated. Submitted Test Cases or Patches are Golden.

Fun New Features

Most Valuable Contributors

This beta release is on time and of high quality thanks to the contributions of various community members. In alphabetical order:

My appologies to those whom I left off... we still love you!

Next Steps

We are shaking-out the code for the next couple of weeks to make we've found all the bitrot. After a month or so, we'll wrap up a Release Candidate for 3.0 with the final release coming before CFUnited.

Coming Soon

  • More Video Tutorials
  • Releasing the Undocumented Custom Generation Patterns Feature
  • Example Applications
  • Web Tutorials

Wanna jump in the fun and join the Model-Glue team?

Send me an email and tell me how you'd like to help. We are always looking for smart people to help push MG to the next level

Don't know how you want to help? No problem. Just tell me how much time you want to contribute and we can get you something fun to do.

The State Of The Glue Part 2

The State Of The Glue

This post is part of our periodic status updates on progress and upcoming work on the Model-Glue project. The last week has been very productive and we appreciate all the offers of help and support. We will be circling back to each and every one of you with opportunities where you can contribute to the framework you know and love.


The current timeline is to have the public beta out by CF.Objective(). This means in the short span of 2 weeks we'll have a documented, backwards compatible framework ready for production (we think). We'll allow a bake-in period (We have an internal target of 1 month) with the drop-dead final release date of CFUnited.

Work Done Since Last Update

We've made some really good progress in the last 3 weeks. A number of high-quality folks have stepped up to the plate and helped out.

Unit Tests

Marc Esher stepped up to help us get the unit tests consolidated on to the MX Unit framework. He helped reorganize the testing structure and answered my inane questions about unit testing. Joe Rinehart helped square away the tests for the EventContext, which were a little burly. The good news is, everything currently in SVN passes Unit Tests.

Patches/Bug Fixes

I've been fixing some bugs in the core code. Ezra Parker submitted 3 patches to fix 3 issues as well. A big thanks to him. Here at Model Glue, while we love bug reports because we want to maintain high code quality, we love patches even more!


We now have a complete environment set up to manage Model-Glue. Simeon Bateman, Ezra Parker and Chris Peterson have been a big help in taking charge and making sure the Trac instance is filled with the documentation, has all the right Trac Plugins and works well. is live and is the central bug repository, code repository and documentation repository.

The fine folks at Alagad are donating hosting and support for the Trac instances and we appreciate the time and resources they have put into the project.

ANT Script

Jim Priest has been reworking our deployment process and adding some fancy new ANT scripts into the mix. There will be a new ANT script for the ModelGlueApplicationTemplate, helping you jumpstart new projects in record time. Keep an eye open for that.

Video Tutorials

Bucky Schwarz is heading up the Video wing of Model Glue and has put together a really good process for Video Tutorials. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth 10,000 words. We expect these video tutorials to help train ModelGluians in the ways of the glue. Check out the first Model Glue Video Tutorial on creating a new application! More to come in the Video category!


David Henry and Doug Hughes have headed up the documentation project for ModelGlue:3. This is a big job with lots of coordination and it is moving right along. We appreciate all the excellent folks that offered to pitch in to document features and review documentation. Documentation was a must-have for the Beta and thanks to this effort, we are on track for the Beta release at CF.Objective(). Expect another post thanking each contributor once the work is done.

Also, Ezra Parker (Man this guy has been a big help!) worked hard to get all the documentation and code samples in Trac formatted properly. This was especially important because we have the ability to print documentation pages and we certainly can't have code getting chopped off by the printer.

Work Left To Do

MG:3 Documentation

This project is on track and on time.


I'm through the initial part of this. I'm back from my vacation now so I've gotta work on pleasing the clients. I'll hit this hard this weekend. We are on track and on time.

Example Applications

These are coming right along. We'll ship the beta with some, and add more as it makes sense.

Volunteer for the Model Glue Team

We are hard at work on the next version of Model-Glue. In focus this week is documentation of the new features. We have put together an easy way for you to contribute to the framework by completing a simple workflow process with us. You'd be asked to volunteer a few hours to explore and work up some documentation/short code samples that we'll use to wrap up the new framework docs.

If you've got a few hours between now and the end of the month, like working with the Model-Glue framework and you are reasonably intelligent, you'll fit right in. Heck, you gotta learn this stuff at one point or another, right? The one and only Doug Hughes will host/run a meeting on Tuesday the 21st (4PM EST) to explain the process and the short commitment we need from you. If you are on board, we'll work with you to get you up and running so we can get this stuff complete and finalize the docs.

Here's the text from Doug on the meeting:

If you want to contribute to the documentation please be sure to attend our meeting at 4pm EST on Tuesday the 21st and volunteer. To join the meeting call The Alagad Conference Line: 218-486-2209, participant code: 2621114.
In this meeting I'll review our plan for the documentation process, the format of the documentation we're collecting at this point, and the schedule. We'll then solicit one volunteers to write documentation for each section and two others to review and revise the documentation for each section. There are actually only about nine features we need to document at this point and each is fairly concise.

So if you've wanted to be a part of the team, here's an easy way to make a difference. No open ended commitment here, all you have to do is learn a single feature and fill out a form on how to use it. Sounds like fun right?


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