Model-Glue @ CFUnited

Model-Glue will be demo'd at CFUnited! There's a BOF on Wednesday at 9p in Room 4. After a half an hour of panel discussion, we'll shift to a Breeze presentation going out to the AZCFUG and ColdFusion Live! user groups. It should be interesting presenting this to both an online and live audience simultaneously. If you're not going to be at CFUnited, head to

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Mach-II isn't "Dead"

There's buzz going on right now about the demise of Mach-II, and its "replacement" by Model-Glue. I'm excited to see Model-Glue continue to grow in popularity, but I'm hoping we can avoid sensationalism and spreading Mach-II FUD. My conclusion is the same as it usually is: be pragmatic. Here's a few thinking points on the topic: 1. Use what's right for you. Mach-II's author (Ben Edwar...

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Model-Glue Users Rock

It's still a small (but growing) group, but I really like the people getting involved with Model-Glue. We've got OOP newbies who like the simplicity of the framework, people who know more OOD/OOA than me pointing out places I can tweak things, but most of all, there's a lot of great questions being asked on the Model-Glue mailing list (Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

Model-Glue Listserv

Just a reminder to new folks downloading: There is a Model-Glue listserv full of other users and great answers. You can sign up (or just lurk) at

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Model-Glue 0.9 is here! Woohoo!

Model-Glue 0.9 is released! You can download it at Release notes: 0.9.00 - New Features: Controllers now have timed cache capabilities - see Quickstart for details. Subapplications are supported with the ModelGlue_APP_KEY Debugging trace can now be added to with argume...

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Model-Glue 0.9 Sneak Peak

I just sent out the test version of 0.9 to the Model-Glue testing crowd. If you'd like to be in on future testing, drop me a line. Here's the message I sent, which gives a good idea of what's in 0.9, and even hints at 0.95 and 1.0: Hi all, I've just run the cvs commit for a test version of Model-Glue 0.9. A zip of the /ModelGlue library is attached to this email. It's a zip of my d...

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Sean Corfield: Model-Glue @ Macromedia

I got a nice surprise this morning: a blog entry entitled "Mach II Out, Model-Glue In!" appeared on Sean Corfield's blog. It looks like they're (Macromedia) using it to provide UI for some of the manual processes in their new order management system. Full post at http://www...

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The Pattern Prerequisite is Pain

There's pattern fever going on! CFCDev list is full of patterns, good Flash development relies on them, and everyone seems to want to know where they can "learn" patterns. From the sound of it, your app isn't "good" if you're not passing TO's from your DAO's to your BO's to pass TO's to the V part of the MVC. Here's the thing, though: Patterns aren't templates. They're not patterns as in "t...

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Model-Glue 0.9 en route

Sorry for the delay - had the whole marriage, honeymoon, new dog, fried power supply on main workstation thing to deal with. M-G 0.9 is on its way, a few of the changes include: * Revised logging within the EventRequest. The debugging output will no longer reset when an exception is thrown. * A few additional "Oops!" exceptions being thrown from Model-Glue.cfc, in the event of things like ...

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Eat Your Beans: ConfigBeans in Model-Glue

The Model-Glue Framework has a really nice feature called ConfigBeans, powered by a little tool I wrote called ChiliBeans. By using ConfigBeans instead of inserting configuration values, like Datasource names, into your ModelGlue.xml file, you can seperate your configuration from your application. This post gives a quick overview of creating a new ConfigBean and using it in your application. On...

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