Ant and Subversion: Building Model-Glue

A few people have asked how I create the Model-Glue .zip files. I'll be covering this in increased detail in a talk at CFUnited, but what follows is a quick overview.

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Model-Glue Release Candidate Updated

If you grabbed the 1.1.10 Release Candidate last night, you'll want to redownload it. You're likely to run across a "element viewstate is not defined in arguments" bug when working with tags. The latest release fixes this.

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Model Glue 1.1.10 Release Candidate

I put some serious time into the MG 1.1.10 release this weekend, and I ended up changing more than I planned. A little bit of the "performance" code from the Unity core is now in ModelGlue.cfc and ModelGlue.cfm, so I'd like to open the release up for public testing. Please do not deploy this into production until you've had ample time to test. You can download the release candidate at [Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

MG 1.1.1 and MG2.0 Alpha 2

Sorry for the silence - I'm simply very busy right now. Model-Glue 1.1.1 and 2.0 are both en route, and I'm hoping to release 1.1.1 and the second (private) alpha of MG:Unity this weekend. 1.1.1 is the final (really, I mean it this time!) release based on the 1.x codebase. It's performance tuned, and removes the necessity for the session scope to be enabled. Alpha 2 of MG:Unity is showing ...

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Model-Glue "eXit Events" (like XFA's)

One thing Sean Corfield clued me into a while back was emulating Fusebox eXit FuseActions (XFA's) in Model-Glue using the <value> tag under <include>. I've never really blogged about it, but it's become a standard way I do things. He's explained it, quite nicely, on his site. Read more at Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

Model-Glue: Not optimal under load

I'm working with Mike Brunt over at Webapper to add Model-Glue to the list of CFPetmarket apps that have been tested. When I got preliminary results back, I was a little suprised: it was much slower than I thought it'd be. I've never had an opportunity to compare it side-by-side with a Mach-II (or Fusebox) application, and because my Petmarket implementation used the same model code as the Ma...

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I'm Older, Again!

Wow - it seems like this just happened. Is it April 13th, already, again? The first person (who doesn't know me personally) to guess how old I just turned gets a free Model-Glue prize at CFUnited. PS - Belated happy birthday to Ray Camden, another April birthday!

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Taskblaster! - Model-Glue:Unity Preview

I've roughed out the first database-driven example application for the Model-Glue:Unity release. It's a simple to-do list app where you can create an account, log in/out, create new lists, add tasks to lists, and complete tasks. Other than editing the config files, I wrote 124 lines of code, and zero SQL. I figured it could be fun to show what developing in Unity is like by posting the code f...

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Model-Glue: End of Life for 1.x

I released Model-Glue 1.1 this morning (should have just been announced, had the post set up to publish at 10a). This release is the end-of-life for the 1.x code base: all new releases are running on an 85% rewritten set of CFCs under the modelglue.unity.* package. I took a break to get a snack and I wanted to write another, less official post on the subject as well. (Official release annou...

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Model-Glue 1.1 Released

Model-Glue 1.1 is officially released. The distro is available via .zip file at I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone in the Model-Glue community for using the Bleeding Edge Release from Subversion for so long - having you all test the new stuff made this release very easy to move from "bleedin...

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