Model-Glue, "Mixins," and Headstart

When Model-Glue 1.1 hits, you might notice something weird in the "Headstart" application template: a <cfinclude> tag in the middle of a CFC file. There's a story behind that, and it's a practical example of what people are calling a "Mixin."

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To My Dear ColdFusion Troll

Dear ColdFusion Troll, I'm sorry that, recently, you haven't agreed with some things I've said on my blog. I regret that I cause your lack of self-confidence to surface, and that you feel that continually leaving anonymous comments on my blog is a beneficial form of therapy. If you felt what you had to say was valid, and had confidence in your abilities as a writer, you'd probabably sign ...

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Model-Glue "Headstart" Preview (screenshots!)

Model-Glue 1.1, while not a feature release, is including a new application called "Headstart." It's basically a sample application I've wanted to write for a while that's grown into a template that can be used for creating your own applications. Its features follow: * MySQL and MS SQL Server support * Role and Key based security (allows group-level and record-level security) * User a...

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Two Job Postings: Work with the Model-Glue guy!

My team's expanding, and I'd like to encourage any interested readers of my blog to apply! We're looking for two ColdFusion developers, able to work onsite in the Washington, DC area, for one of the oldest management and IT consulting firms in the business: Booz | Allen | Hamilton. Specifically, we're looking for one junior and one senior developer. Senior Developer - Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

Model-Glue 1.1 Preview

Model-Glue 1.1 is nearing a test release. There only new "feature" is ColdSpring integreation; the framework is about as robust as it can be while still obeying the KISS principle. There are a few things coming, however, that can help you with Model-Glue apps: A really, really nice application "starter kit". I've kept one around at work for a little while now, and I'm r...

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Model-Glue Goes Java!!

Chris Scott has be pseudo-quietly working on a Java port of the Model-Glue framework for the past month or so, and he's got an early source release ready to go! For the moment, it's only available via Subversion (not an official release) from the same repository as the Model-Glue BER. SVN url = svn:// Ok, enough typing, I gotta go check this ...

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Frameworks: Making security auditing easy

I was tasked recently with auditing an application's security, which is always a tedious process. Luckily, I was only reviewing the application code, not the platform or infrastructure running the app. The application was not written using an MVC framework, so I began by crawling through source code. It took a while, as each .cfm file contained business logic, data access, and display code. ...

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Model-Glue and Ajax: Anyone Interested?

It's pretty easy to use Model-Glue as the backend for Ajax controls. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial/article that shows how? If so, I'll write one up...

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Arf! Subversion and Trac

Simeon Bateman has donated Subversion (SVN) and Trac hosting for Arf!, so I'll be using that to host the code and keep track of issues. Feel free to get the latest code, at any time, from (use your favorite SVN client to hit that URL. Yes, it starts with http://, not svn://.) Trouble tickets and feature requests can be filed at the Trac s...

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Arf! 1.0e-23 (That's 0.00...001) bits

Seems like a lot of people want to test this, so, well, here's what I've got so far. It's pretty rough at this point, documentation is sparse, and there's some missing functionality, but this is an improvement on the version I Camtasia demo'd. The most notable API change is th...

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