Arf! Alpha bits - Soon, very soon.

Wow, there's a lot of people interested in Arf! I'm going to try to get some alpha bits into the public SVN repo this evening. I want to do a bit of refactoring, some better commenting, and some API documentation before I put this thing in the wild. I am a little concerned about this project branching, so I'd like to ask those who get the bits and make changes to submit your changes back to m...

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Arf! Video Demo - Write CF faster. A lot faster.

I had a spare hour this morning (my dog's doesn't understand the shift back to standard time yet), so I recorded a Camtasia demo of Arf! in action. This shows the ArfBlog demo I blogged about yesterday in action, and a great unblogged "Step 11" that shows where Arf! can really be cool. The video (about 10 minutes) is available at Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

Arf! Rails-Like ActiveRecord for ColdFusion

I'd like to introduce "Arf!" (Active Record Factory!), a Rails-style ActiveRecord implementation in ColdFusion. I have to disclaim this by saying that I have mixed feelings about ActiveRecord - it's at the same time very nice for doing things quickly, but I think it's ripe for abuse, as it's easy to think it's the begin and end all of OO programming. However, I think it's also a great way to sto...

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Cairngorm for Model-Glue Developers

I'm going to be learning the Flex Cairngorm framework over the next few weeks. It's an implementation of Front Controller for Flex developed by iteration::two (now part of Macromedia, soon part of Adobe...). There's a good deal of conceptual similarity between it and Model-Glue, so I'm thinking of writing a blog entry / article / maybe a preso on how to get up and running with it that's targ...

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Easy ColdSpring in Model-Glue

Dave Ross and Chris Scott are doing an _amazing_ job with the ColdSpring project. For those of you who aren't familiar with Spring, it's a Java framework that provides a number of services such as IoC (like ConfigBeans in Model-Glue), Aspect Oriented Programming, and ORM functionality amongst many things. Right now, ColdSpring is at 0.2.1 and provides IoC and Aspect Oriented functionality. [Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog]

Frameworks are Bad, Methodologies are Good. the general message of a presentation entitled "Developing Applications Without Frameworks," given at the Fusebox and Frameworks 2005 conference by Simon Horwith. There's a good amount of stuff in the presentation I disagreed with, but felt that it would be inappropriate (and rude) to interrupt the preso with what would result in an argument. Instead, I felt it would be better to think abo...

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If Frameworks were Airlines

I couldn't think of a good way to wrap up my Fusebox and Frameworks 2005 experience, so I'm taking leeway with the old "If Operating Systems were Airlines" jokes. Overall, the conference was a blast, and I'd like to thank Teratech for having me come out to say a few words. Without further ado, here's what I've learned about the CF frameworks: Fusebox Started in the days ...

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MG 1.0: Event Forwarding != Event Announcement

I had a feeling this feature may cause a bit of confusion, and I got my first comment on it last night. While there *is* a method on the Core.Event object called Forward() that lets you pass the name of an to forward the event request to, this is *not* the equivalent of announcing a new event in Mach-II. Where Model-Glue lies "between" Mach-II and Fusebox is that it impleme...

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Model-Glue 1.0.01: GetSingleton() lives!

I mis-built the 1.0.01 to ignore the GetSingleton() method on the framework level. My apologize to the inconvenienced, you should now be up and running.

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Model-Glue 1.0: Available for Download

Sometime this AM the current version number at began showing 1.0.00. Yep, it's available. Should be pretty stable, as a number of people have been using much of the new code under the "bleeding edge release" for a while now. I'm not 100% sure of stability of Linux and OS X case-sensitivity issues (I lack a testing platform at the mo...

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