Reason #526 Why I Like Model-Glue

OK, maybe it's reason 527, I lost count.

However, as I detail here, Model-Glue makes it very easy to move functionality around from page to page within an application by merely moving or copying blocks of XML inside your model-glue.xml file.

Here's the 10 second summary of what happened. Yesterday we had a requirements change in an application. There was a piece of HTML code which appeared on one page that needed to be removed and placed in another page. There was some logic in the application which determined if the HTML code should appear, and this logic did not change. Since this logic did not change, all I needed to do was move a <message> block and an <include> block from one <event-handler> to another and reinitialize the application.

I know this kind of change can be done easily in any well-architected application, but to move functionality around with writing or altering 1 line of ColdFusion code is pretty sweet. Now imagine if it was more than just some simple HTML. Imagine if you needed to move an entire form from one page and include it in another. Assuming there were no business rules changes to go along with this, you would simply need to change your model-glue.xml file and it will just work.

Check out the full post for more details

MG: Flex - Better Delegates and Putting Responders in Their Place

One thing that irked me about both common Cairngorm practices and early MG:Flex "autoproxies" is the use of the controller tier as the responder for async calls. Model-Glue: Flex solves this by using a combination of business delegates and messaging. Read the full article at

Model-Glue: ColdFusion and Model-Glue: Flex released!

Model-Glue: ColdFusion

I'm happy to announce that I released Model-Glue 2.0 (specifically, Model-Glue 2.0.304!) earlier this morning.

Learn more about Model-Glue: ColdFusion

Model-Glue: Flex

Model-Glue: Flex is a conceptual port of Model-Glue implicit invocation framework to ActionScript 3 and Flex.

Learn more about Model-Glue: Flex

Model-Glue 2.0 (Unity): Release at CFUnited!

Well, I guess this sort of binds me to finishing it. As part of his new role as Community Manager for Model-Glue, Ray's asked me to commit to a release date for Model-Glue 2.0, a.k.a., "Unity". So, here goes: the .zip of Model-Glue 2.0 will be available when CFUnited starts. I can't guarantee all the open tickets will be closed, or that the documentation will be 100%, but I've set aside a ...

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Model-Glue List: No more Topica!

The Model-Glue e-mail list is finally off of the dreaded Topica engine. Thanks to Ray, it's been moved over to Google Groups a, and the Model-Glue homepage now links to it. I guess our next task is a real!

[Read more on Joe Rinehart's blog] Outage

Not that it's a giant loss, but will be on and off today as DNS changes take place. Sorry for any inconvenience. This will not effect the Trac or Subversion sites.

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Frameworks Explorer Eclipse Plug-In

Mark Drew has released an absolutely fantastic visual "explorer" of your framework XML files, available over at his web site. With it, you can drill through ColdSpring, Model-Glue, Mach-II, Fusebox, Reactor, and (I think?) Transfer XML configs, letting snippets-based assistants aid in manag...

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Raymond Camden joins Model-Glue

I'm proud of the Model-Glue project and its code. Its community support, however, is somewhat of a sore spot with me. It's hard to know what you're good at until you try something. I've tried being a community leader for an OSS project, and I've found out I'm not very good. Without any more fluffiness: today at cf.objective, Raymond Camden agreed...

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I figured I'd better blog this while I had some downtime at the cf.objective conference. In my Model-Glue session today, I previewed an experimental AS3 Model-Glue implementation of Model-Glue, providing a lighter weight / looser / more implicit architectural framework in comparison to something like Cairngorm. There's no docs, I've written one sample app, and I'm not sure this'll ever be an '...

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Model-Glue: Rendering Excel, E-mail, and alternate formats

Ray Camden posted a question to the Model-Glue list earlier today that was related to how he could use Model-Glue to render an Excel spreadsheet (via the HTML table -> <cfcontent> method) and access the rendered HTML from within a controller. It's pretty straightforward to do the rendering with a simple view that contains a <cfconte...

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